Desktop, mobile, and tablet
Primary audience:
Members and the local community.
Scenic Hills is a non-profit religious organization that helps the community in San Antonio. The original website needed to be re-designed and transformed to provide a richer user experience. There was no central portal for the members of the community. 

As the lead designer on this project, I aimed to create a user-friendly website that would serve as a central portal for the Scenic Hills community. My team and I worked closely with key stakeholders to gather their needs and wants for the redesign. We also tested users to ensure the website met its audience's needs.

We implemented a more intuitive navigation system and informative homepage through our research and testing. We also made sure the website was responsive for mobile devices.​​​​​​​
My Process
In my work process, I first determined the needs and goals of the organization and the target audience. Then, I created a design that incorporated those needs and was visually appealing.

 I also considered how the website would function on different devices. Throughout the process, I utilized user testing to gather feedback and make necessary improvements. Ultimately, I delivered a revamped website that provided a better user experience for the community members.
Work Performed 
Setting goals and objectives with team members
Meetings with Stakeholders 
Establishing key audiences & building personas
Creating sitemaps
Content audit and inventory
Creating experience maps
Conducting UX research 
Conducting competitive research
Low-fidelity prototypes
High fidelity prototypes
Creating wireframes 
High-fidelity design 
UI Design
Usability testing
Finished Product
About Page
 Front-End Development
Because of my background in Web design and Front-end development, I helped bring the UI designs to life before passing them on to the developers.

-HTML and CSS Coding
-JQuery and JavaScript interactivity
-Responsive Site for Desktop, Mobile & Tablet
The result was a website that effectively serves the Scenic Hills community and allows them easy access to critical information and resources. This project was a great example of my ability to collaborate with stakeholders and conduct user research to design an effective solution.

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